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How to have great ideas

Strategy 2: Read, watch and listen broadly

In my recent article, I looked at the strategy of having lots of ideas. Today, I'm examining the strategy of reading, watching and listening broadly.

What makes this a great strategy? The more varied the information you take in, the better your thinking will be. It's not always comfortable or easy, but it is worth it. Read more in the article here.
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If you never change your mind, you will never learn something new

Mike Steib

Quick bite:

Using "obligatory" words (e.g. 'must', 'should', 'ought', 'have to') can trigger a defensive mindset and a sense of rebellion ('nobody tells me what to do!'). Listen out for when you use these words, and consider how they make you and others feel. How could you rephrase the thought to gain greater buy-in?
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