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How to have great ideas

Strategy 7: Don't prejudge your ideas

We are conditioned from an early age to believe there is one right answer and to judge our ideas before we share them. This conditioning saps our creativity and kills off the seeds of what could become great ideas. Staying away from evaluation and assessment helps our ideas to flow freely, which means we can generate more and better ideas.
Want to learn how to defer judgement, and keep an open mind? Read the article here
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Be curious,
not judgemental

Walt Whitman

Quick bite:

Trouble "switching off"? Create an end-of-day ritual to change your physical & mental state. Try a walk or run, gentle stretching, meditate, play with your kids, dance to a great tune. Doing this daily cues your brain and body to switch gear, and you'll find it happens quicker and easier each time.
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