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Navigating Change

The Four Doors of Change tool

If there's anything that the world has learned since early 2020, it's that things can change extremely quickly. All our grand plans can go out the window and we're left having to pivot, adapt and get creative about how we navigate change.
Change, even the good kind, is disruptive. It can feel threatening, especially when it's not something we've chosen for ourselves. One of my most popular articles is about a tool that I find brilliant for helping my clients to navigate change. It's called the Four Doors of Change (created by Jason Clarke).

You can use the tool personally and professionally, on your own or in groups. You can download a copy of the tool here.
Table showing Four Doors of Change


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Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.

William James

Quick bite:

Sometimes we add our imagination to a few facts and create big stories about what is changing and why. Take a few minutes to jot down what you know is true about the change you're facing, and what you're guessing or imagining.
Then, do what you can to verify your guesses or imaginations, and if they don't stack up, set them aside in favour of the facts.
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