How to have great ideas

Strategy 9: Get a coach

Sometimes, we need some help to upskill our thinking. Or, for reasons of confidentiality or commercial sensitivity, we need to do our thinking alone (even though we know that . involving others is a key strategy for generating great ideas).
So, how do we hone our thinking skills and get the benefits of involving others while maintaining confidentiality? We can get a coach. Read the article here to find out how to select a coach that is a great fit for you, and what to expect when working with your coach.
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I'm launching a High-Performance Leadership Mastermind group in May. We'll be reading through one excellent leadership book per month, with weekly Zoom calls to discuss and share what we're learning, support one another to take strategic action based on our learnings, and celebrate all the wins, big and small. If you're interested to find out more, hit reply or give me a call.


Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be

Attributed to Abraham Lincoln

Quick bite:

Smiling is a quick, easy, cost-free way to reduce stress, relax muscles, improve mood reduce heart rate and blood pressure and decrease pain (source). Had a rough day and struggling to shake it off? Tune into your favourite comedian, watch a clip of crazy animal antics (these goats always do it for me!), or run around being silly with your kids (or your friends' kids if you don't have any of your own).
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