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This is a bit of a different format from my usual newsletter. Normal transmission will resume next week.

You may have noticed that last week, I didn't appear in your inbox in my usual Tuesday morning slot. Early the prior week, my almost-11-month-old niece was quite unwell and ended up in hospital in another part of the country.

She's fully recovered now, thankfully. And I was delighted to get snuggles with her a few days after she was discharged from the hospital (her serious face is because she was too busy checking herself out to smile for the picture!)
Picture of an adult woman with a young baby
While she was in the hospital, a great deal of my time and energy were devoted to checking in with her Mum and Dad and my parents (who were looking after her gorgeous older sisters). And I needed to practice more than my usual amount of self-care, thanks to the heightened emotions and anxiety around having an unwell family member and not being physically there to help out.

While writing is usually one of my greatest joys and energisers, there simply wasn't space for it in my head and heart last week. The consequence was no newsletter.

I'm not sharing this to seek sympathy, but rather because I hope that the lesson I was reminded of might be helpful for you, too.

I was reminded that our goals and targets must serve us, not the other way around. While my goal is to send a weekly newsletter, I consider that goal to be less important than being there for my family and looking after my own wellbeing so I can continue to show up in life and work over the long term.

I invite you to take a few deep breaths right now, and pause for a moment of reflection. Are your goals and targets serving you? If not, what adjustments can you make?

If you need a sounding board, and/or some support to make some changes, coaching can be really helpful. I offer a range of coaching services - book your complimentary discovery session to talk about what you need, and how I can help.
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