How to turn great ideas into great results

Strategy 4: Set goals and track progress

If you want to build momentum and credibility, win over the doubters, and ensure that you're having a positive impact, setting goals and tracking progress is vital.

In my latest article, I discuss the value of doubters, the importance of problem definition, the benefits of "anti-goals", and how to set goals and track progress to ensure we can turn our great ideas into great results.
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Obstacles are those frightening things you see when you take you eyes off your goal.

Henry James

Quick bite:

When facing a huge task or seemingly impossible goal, we can get paralysed. One way to get moving again is to ask ourselves "What is the simplest step I can take right now that will move me in the right direction?". We aren't trying to complete the task or achieve the goal, just take one good step.
Hat-tip to Greg McKeown and his excellent new book 'Effortless' for inspiring this quick bite.
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