How to turn great ideas into great results

Strategy 5: Involve others

In the same way that thinking can and should be a team sport, involving others in implementation is an excellent approach to getting to your desired results faster, smarter and more sustainably.

I've identified nine reasons to get others on board during change. Read why I believe it's so important to involve others in your implementation.
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If I have seen further than others, is by standing on the shoulders of giants

Sir Isaac Newton

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One of the best ways to make change stick is to be really clear about your "why".
Why this change? Why now?
You might also consider which of your values it upholds, how it supports your sense of purpose, or how it contributes to your goals for your work, family, friends or community service. Who else will benefit from your change? Knowing that we're having a positive influence on others can be a powerful "why".
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