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We all want to have great ideas...

...but sometimes we don't know how to start.

If this is you, you're not alone. One of the most common challenges people face is the belief that they can't have good ideas. And that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, I wrote a series that I believe can help anyone have great ideas, no matter what they are facing. It is a set of simple, practical, easy-to-learn strategies, most of which cost nothing more than time, effort and a willingness to try something different.

Over the next nine weeks, I'll be sharing nine strategies that will help you become an idea powerhouse. You might be familiar with a few of them, others might come as a surprise. But I reckon that if you apply even one or two of them, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the quantity and quality of the ideas you'll generate.

You can read more in the series kick-off post: Why do we struggle to have great ideas?

Keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters for details of the nine strategies that will help you generate great ideas!


Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour. You don’t have to do it all today. Just lay a brick.

James Clear

Quick bite:

If you're struggling with something, ask yourself:
"What advice would I give a good friend in this situation?"
We're usually more kind and helpful to others than we are to ourselves. Try taking the same advice that you'd give to someone you like.

Navigating change: The Four Doors of Change

Navigating change can be tricky - it brings up a lot of emotions, worries, and decisions, and we're not always sure where we stand. One of our primary needs when facing change is to be able to understand what it will mean for us. It's easy to get focused on negative aspects and neglect the potential positives. This is due …
Table showing Four Doors of Change

Why do we struggle to have great ideas?

Why do we struggle to have great ideas?
As leaders and managers, we're often expected to have the brilliant insight and action plans that will help our people and organisations turn over a new leaf. But in the midst of all the busy-ness of business, it's easy to get stuck in a "same old, same old" thinking rut. Why we struggle to have great ideas I’ve been playing …

Kindness: a better business strategy

Kindness. It’s a scorned, if not outright rejected concept in business – it’s too soft, too weak. We can’t be kind, because to be in business is to be tough, competitive, strong. Logic and rationality rule the roost. We don’t do feelings or soft, fluffy stuff. We’re here to do the serious stuff of business; please leave your kindness at …
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