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We love sharing with you what we've been reading and watching. And, of course, we love hearing about what you're reading and watching. Feel free to reply to this email with recommendations - who knows, you might see us feature them in future editions!

What we've been reading

In the last few weeks, members of our team have been reading:
  • 'Deep Work' by Cal Newport - this book builds the case for developing your ability to go focus without distraction and do high-quality and meaningful work. In the face of the distractedness and surface busy-ness that characterises modern life, this is a pretty radical notion!
    Key takeaway: building a schedule that prioritises deep work is vital - it won't happen by accident.
  • 'The Fifth Discipline' by Peter Senge - a deep and insightful read about systems thinking and the learning organisation. This book is a classic business text, and for very good reason - it gives us a whole new way to see, and act on, the world around us.
    Key takeaway: we are part of every system, so when we say we want the system to change, that means we need to change too.
  • 'Upstream' by Dan Heath - a great introduction to systems thinking (although we found it strange that the author doesn't reference The Fifth Discipline!). Lots of practical examples of where 'upstream thinking' can solve tricky problems, and practical tips for implementation.
    Key takeaway: prevention is the best cure, but it isn't always easy to convince others of the value, so run measurable, practical experiments to win support.
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What we've been watching

  • Kelly McGonigal's TED talk on making stress your friend.
    Favourite quote: "Go after what it is that creates meaning in your life and then trust yourself to handle the stress that follows."

    Key takeaway: how we think about stress shapes how it affects us.
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