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Oops... I've once again encountered the fact that I'm 100% human! I made an error in the terms and conditions for the infographic feedback draw, by putting in the wrong deadline for subscribers. If you subscribed in the last few days, you are most definitely eligible to enter!
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Please find the corrected Ts & Cs below. And in case you missed the original email, scroll down for details on how to go in the draw to win a coaching session with me, valued at $350.
Terms and conditions for the strengths infographic prize draw. Click the image for access to the text.

The Strengths Infographic

As a subscriber to my newsletter, I wanted you to be the first to see what I've been working on. And as someone interested in making the "human stuff" better and easier, I know you'll have great insights into how I can make the infographic even better! You can download it here.

Everyone who sends me feedback on the infographic goes into the draw to win a free 90-minute strengths coaching session with me, valued at NZ $350. Terms and conditions apply*

Make sure you send your feedback in by next Tuesday, 26th October to be in the draw. Thanks in advance for your feedback - and good luck for the draw! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
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