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Hi, reader!

The year is already flying by - I trust that you have had regular moments of joy and delight, and are making progress on projects and goals that are meaningful to you.

A few years ago, I stumbled across a fantastic graphic that represents how success (the observable outcomes) is driven and supported by many factors that are often hidden from view. Credit to The Prudent Generation [Facebook link] for the image.
A cartoon of an iceberg labelled "Success is like an iceberg". The part above the water is labelled "What people see" and has images of a medal, cup, prize ribbon and certificate. Below the water is labelled "What people don't see" and has labelled images including: tears, expenses, focus, sacrifice, time management, disappointment, sleepless nights etc
One of the things I love about the image is how it shows that many things underpin our success. We don't need to have every element in place - but the more we have, the higher our iceberg will rise.

A lot of the stuff that sits below the waterline feels hard. That's OK - it's all part of the process. If you're never facing rejection, disappointment, tears and trouble, you're probably playing it too safe, and risking your dreams remaining unfulfilled.

I reckon there are other elements that sit below the waterline. For me, good people is a vital element. When I surround myself with people who encourage, inspire, and challenge me, and hold me accountable to grow, I cannot help but succeed.

And when I shared the graphic on LinkedIn last year, other people suggested:
  • partner
  • clients
  • pets
  • mistakes
  • failures
  • friends
  • mentors
  • collaborators
What else would you suggest? Reply to this email, or connect with me on LinkedIn to share your thoughts.

Auckland Executive Club - an invitation

Earlier this month, I had the honour of being elected President of the Auckland Executive Club (AEC). I'm excited to be able to serve the Club in this way! And if you're a woman based in Auckland, looking for a positive and supportive networking group, I'd love to invite you to come and check the club out.
Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 15th March, and our speaker will be Sarah Page, CEO of Kindness Collective. She's a woman on a mission to make New Zealand the kindest place on earth! Sarah will share the Kindness Collective story of how it has evolved from a few people donating Christmas presents, to an organisation responsible for investing over $1.2 million in Kiwi families and communities in need.
Sarah Page Photo
You can book your ticket for the meeting here. I look forward to seeing you there!

Where are you focusing your efforts?

Take a moment to reflect on where you are focusing your efforts. Are you chasing the ribbons and trophies, or are you investing below the waterline in your relationships, habits, skill-building, experimentation, and mindset transformation? Are you facing up to and working through your failures, disappointments, and fears, with both fierce and tender self-compassion*?

If you're ready to invest in yourself and your journey, working with a coach can accelerate your progress. A great coach asks beautiful questions, supports you as you sort through your options, challenges you to raise your expectations of yourself, holds you accountable to your commitments, and celebrates your wins as though they are their own.

If you're looking for a coach, let's talk! I firmly believe that you need to check the "fit" for anyone you're working with, so I offer a free, 30-minute discovery call where we can chat about what you are working towards, and how I can support your development. Book your no-obligation call below.
* Fierce and tender self-compassion are concepts drawn from the work of Dr Kristin Neff. Learn more at self-compassion.org

Recent articles

I regularly write posts and articles to give you tools, tips, and strategies to make the "human stuff" a bit easier. They range from ways to increase your self-awareness and self-compassion through to ideas about how to make work "work" better for everyone.
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When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation

Arsène Wenger

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