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This is a quick email to let you know about a conversation I recently had with my friend Karl Craig-West. He runs a great podcast called Smashing Self-Employment - even if you aren't self-employed, I reckon you'll love the conversations he has with his guests.

We talked about how you can use your strengths to power-up your work. And I wanted you to be the first to hear the episode, because in it, I share three simple strategies to help you get better results, and have fun along the way.

To go straight to the episode, just click the button below. And apologies in advance if you're an accountant - we use you for way too many examples, but we really do love and appreciate the work you do (because the way you work your magic is definitely not in our Zone of Genius!)

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I regularly write posts and articles to give you tools, tips, and strategies to make the "human stuff" a bit easier. They range from ways to increase your self-awareness and self-compassion through to ideas about how to make work "work" better for everyone.
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Three Ways to Use Your Strengths to Power-Up Your Work

five bulb lights
Do you know how to use your strengths to power-up your work? When you know what you're great at, and that lights you up (as well as what doesn't), you can create simple strategies that will bring more energy, fun, and achievement to your life and work. The origin of this article This article started life as a conversation on …

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Opinion: Why We Need to Embrace Paradoxes

Two groups of people, one red and one blue, pointing at each other with stylised thought bubbles above their heads
The more that the world seems to be divided into extremes, the more I am drawn to the middle. Not mediocrity, fence-sitting, or refusing to have an opinion, but embracing the paradox, the place of tension (and therefore energy) that sits between the two polarities. Choosing between the extremes In business, we are so often told that we have to …

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Why A Fellow Traveller is More Powerful Than Empathy

Photo of two women, one dark-haired, one fair-haired, in a bar, learning forward to sip from the liqueur glasses in front of them
Empathy is wonderful, but what's even more powerful is connecting with a fellow traveller. I learned that from talking to my cousin The picture by the title is a throwback to 2017 when I met up with my cousin Brigette who lives in The Netherlands. We were visiting the Wynand Fockink 'Proeflokaal' (tasting room) and apparently this is how you …

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There is no perfect time or perfect place to start. There is always going to be an excuse... So get started today. Right now. Act. Feel the strength and power that the momentum brings you.

Evan Carmichael

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