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I recently had a conversation with a coaching client that, no matter where we took it, kept coming back to the concept of attention.

She'd had a fantastically productive and satisfying week. When we teased out the reasons for that, she realised that she had stopped paying attention to things that stole her focus (like mindless scrolling on social media).

And that had given her time and energy to pay attention to things that really mattered to her - like her family, and key tasks for building her business.

Where is your attention taking you?

I remember one of the key lessons from learning to drive was that the car goes where you are looking. So, if you want the car to go straight, you look straight ahead. If you want to drive smoothly through the corner, then you look around the curve to where you want to end up.

And if you find yourself staring at the light pole that you don't want to hit, you'd better change your focus quick, unless you want want to enrich the local panelbeater!

The same goes with life and business. Whatever you are investing your attention in is what you're going to get.
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Ever notice that the person who always complains that things go wrong for them always has plenty of things to complain about?

And the person who believes they are lucky wins the spot prizes, gets the great job, lands the big client, and finds a bargain?

(By the way, I'm that second type of person. And I know it's annoyed a heck of a lot of people over the years - but I can't help it, I just believe that good things will happen... and then they do!)

So, what are you paying attention to? What results are you getting? And what changes will help you reach your goals faster?

Is it time to shift your attention?

If you're ready to shift your attention and focus on what you really, truly want, then having a coach is like getting an extra set of eyes.

I love being a spare set of eyes for my clients, helping them to spot opportunities and strategies for change and growth, and supporting them along the way to achieving their goals.

If that sounds like what you're looking for, book your free, 30-min discovery call by tapping the button below.

Auckland Executive Club - an invitation for women

If you're a woman based in Auckland and you're looking for a positive and supportive networking group, please consider this your personal invitation to visit the Auckland Executive Club.

We had a fabulous time on Tuesday evening, with the incomparable Kate Billing of Blacksmith, talking to us about the power of self-talk, and how to have the right kind of conversations with ourselves. It was another example of the importance of what we pay attention to.

It was great to see all available tables packed out with women eager to hear this powerful message. We were delighted to welcome guests from a wide range of companies and industries, and we'd love to see you at our next meeting!
It's on Tuesday 19th July, and our speaker will be Deb Bailey.

Deb is a leadership specialist, with an extensive background in senior positions. She runs a practice coaching and training individuals, leaders and teams around the world, and has recently published a book, 'Inside Out'.

She'll be sharing some insights from her book about how leadership works from the inside, out. To get those big, shiny results we all want on the outside, you need to build a strong inner game.

It's going to be a great evening - make sure you don't miss out, by booking your tickets today.
Photo of Deb Bailey, a smiling, silver-haired woman with glasses, wearing a white shirt and leaning forward on a white box in a relaxed posed
Book your ticket here (sales close Wednesday 13th July).

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Your attention is always 100 percent engaged in something, even if that's distraction

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