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Hi, reader!

It's been a busy few months in the Personal Mastermind community, as we get new groups up and running, and we dive into reading and applying great books to our lives and work.
All of our groups kicked off 2022 by reading 'Dare to Lead' by Brené Brown.

The conversations we've had about rumbling with vulnerability, and how to practise daring leadership have been insightful and thought-provoking. It's not easy stuff to learn and live, but it is transformational!
Book lying on wooden surface: Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

Coming up...

In the coming months, we'll be reading 'Emotional Agility' by Susan David, and 'Think Again' by Adam Grant.
Photo of 'Think Again' a book by Adam Grant
Cover image of 'Emotional Agility' by Susan David

Emotional Agility by Susan David

From the back cover:
"We all have niggling doubts and worries... they are an inevitable part of a busy modern lifestyle. But many of us magnify these subjective negative thoughts into unshakeable facts...
Drawing on more than twenty years of academic and professional experience, Susan David has pioneered a new way of helping us to make peace with ourselves. Emotional Agility will help you to positively connect with your emotions, act according to your deepest values, and flourish".

Think Again by Adam Grant

From the inside cover:
"Intelligence is usually seen as the ability to think and learn, but in a rapidly changing world it might matter more that we can rethink and unlearn.
Organizational psychologist Adam Grant is an expert on opening other people's minds - and our own...
Think Again invites us to let go of views that are no longer serving us well and prize mental flexibility, humility, and curiosity over foolish consistency. If knowledge is power, knowing what we don't know is wisdom".

Join us

If you're ready to move from merely reading about great ideas to applying them to your life and work for great results, we'd love for you to join us!
We currently have openings in two groups: Thursday 8am and Friday 11am (NZ time). If you're interested in joining, book your free call to find out more.
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