Burnout or balance: which will you choose?

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Reading Time: 4 minutes

I love my work. I love the flexibility to choose my hours and the interesting and fun projects and activities I get to do for my clients. But I was recently reminded that passion doesn’t excuse us from needing to look after ourselves. We still must actively choose to balance effort and ease, labour and leisure, at both individual and organisational levels.

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Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses

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Reading Time: 5 minutes

If you’re like me, you have sat in countless training sessions or performance reviews being told to identify your weaknesses and develop strategies to compensate for or overcome them. Did anyone ever tell you to focus on your strengths? It seems to be a totally foreign concept in most workplaces. But focusing on strengths will lift not only performance, but also engagement and motivation – and it feels a whole lot better than moping over things we aren’t good at!

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Seven steps to turn your “to-do” list into an “achieved” list

Reading Time: 7 minutes

It starts with that familiar sinking feeling, as we scurry around trying to do the million things on our mental “to-do” list, and instantly think of another twenty tasks to add. Or we stare at a blank page, too stressed to know where to start writing a list of everything we have to do.

Either way, we get that awful feeling of total overwhelm. We feel like we’ve failed before we’ve even begun. So what can we do? Read on to learn a process that will help you get from “to-do” to “achieved”, without having to work harder.

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Success – what matters more, talent or hard work?

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Reading Time: 6 minutes

We live in a culture that worships talent as the path to success. Have you heard people describe someone at the top of their game as a “freak”, a “genius”, or a “natural”? Or heard their performance described as “effortless” or “magical”? We come unstuck when we believe that natural talent is the key to success; so why are we biased towards this idea, and what can we do about it?

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Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to my website. My goal is to provide useful and interesting information, to help you with your change and development journey.

I’ll be sharing my own thoughts, knowledge and experience, and linking to great resources written by others. I’d love to find out what topics you are interested in and hear about your experiences and knowledge. Let me know your thoughts in the comments – I welcome your input!

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