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As Daria sets really high standards for herself, her clients are truly fortunate with and can expect immaculate outcomes. She takes time to get to know you and genuinely wants to achieve the best there is for you. Due to this, give her the freedom to recommend an enhanced version of your dreams. Couldn’t recommend a better practitioner.


Senior HR Professional

Daria thinks “big picture” systematically. Where most people look for a quick fix and changing one process, she understands the effect that changing one process will have on other processes we have in place.

Operations Manager

I was a member of a project Daria led to improve an internal administrative process. The staff involved were given the opportunity to share their experience and participate in the project. Daria recognised which people were resistant to change and paid particular attention to ensure they were consistently involved.  She used effective listening to understand their concerns, showed empathy, and used open-ended questions to explore their viewpoints and help them work towards a solution.  I was impressed with her approach: her open demeanour and investigative methodology ensured they were engaged and felt they had contributed to the final outcome. The project was delivered on-time, reducing the hours needed to complete the process.

Mike Malcolm

Contact Centre Operations Manager

The coaching session was a wonderful experience; Daria created a safe space for me to understand myself better and help me gain greater self-awareness and insight. It was well-paced – it didn’t feel rushed, nor did it feel drawn out. I felt like I had plenty of time to consider Daria’s questions and respond in my own way. Her rephrasing and observations made me feel that she was really listening and seeking to understand with curiosity.  Daria is well-equipped to help her clients develop and grow to be a better form of themselves.

Carley Nicholson

General Manager