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I worked in corporate leadership roles for 15 years and saw organisations create both good and bad transitions into leadership for their new leaders.

And I was struck by just how bad the bad transitions were. 

People were handed a new job description and expected to magically develop effective leadership skills and strategies. 

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There was no transition plan. No training and development. No coaching. 

So they had to make every mistake in the book. They had to learn everything for themselves. And they were stuck in a feedback desert, never knowing what their boss thought of their performance until their annual review. 

And their teams were frustrated at the lack of leadership, guidance, and development they receive. 

No one wins with this approach.

I knew there had to be a better way. So I’ve made it my mission to develop leaders for good.

No more "promote and hope"

To get a solid return on investment when you promote people to leadership roles, you need to make early, smart investments in their skill development.

To do this well, you need: 

  • team members with leadership potential,
  • a clear leadership development strategy, and 
  • expert leadership training and development resources
I can help you identify those team members, develop and implement your strategy, and deliver memorable and effective leadership training and development.

It's time to do leadership development differently

Preparation for effective leadership starts well before the actual promotion.

And the skills that make someone an effective leader also make them an effective team member.

So, instead of sending someone on an expensive external course once in a blue moon, your business will benefit when you provide potent, timely, and frequent development opportunities. 

I offer a fully-customised solution for your needs – no off-the-shelf stuff here! We assess the current leadership capability in the organisation, identify your ideal future state, and then I deliver a programme that helps you close the gap.

Read on to find out more about my approach, and the services and products I offer.

Services at a glance

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Choose from a short-term programme for focused results, or an ongoing engagement to build your capability.

Sessions are 60 minutes, and you choose the frequency that works for your schedule and budget.

Coaching creates space in your schedule for reflection, insight, inspired action, and celebration of your progress and achievements.

Training & facilitation

Don’t get stuck with off-the-shelf workshops that don’t meet your needs. 

I offer fully-tailored workshops for your team or organisation. Whether it’s training in leadership, teamwork, communication, or continuous improvement, or facilitated workshops to develop a strategic plan or transform your culture, you’ll see results, fast.

Personal Mastermind Book club

Join a group of friendly, supportive, deep-thinking women from around New Zealand in the Personal Mastermind book club, as we deep-dive into a new book every two months.

Each week, we discuss 1-2 chapters of a book, and look for ways to apply the insights to our life and work.

The Personal Mastermind Community is supportive, encouraging, and down-to-earth. And it’s full of people committed to their personal and professional development.  

Coaching Circle of Practice

Every month, a group of women coaches from a range of organisations around New Zealand meets to dig into an aspect of our coaching practice. 

We take a leaf out of Positive Provocation* by Robert Biswas-Diener, and spend time discussing different approaches to the topic.

The goal is not for everyone to arrive at the same conclusion, but for each of us to understand why we have chosen our position, and to be more effective coaches as a result.

The Strengths Deck

Feeling stuck, disillusioned, burnout and disengaged at work? These are all signs that you’re not working to your strengths. 

The Strengths Deck is a 3-step process that helps you identify and work in your Zone of Genius.

A diagram showing the steps of Clarity, Strategy and Reality leading to Zone of Genius.

With a clear understanding of your strengths, you can more easily work in your Zone of Genius, and be more motivated, passionate, and productive as a result.

Work with me



Empower your people to bring their best selves to work – operating from their Zones of Genius – making them more productive, engaged, and energised, so that they and the business can thrive. 



Get unstuck in your career with a clear path based on your strengths. From making a few tweaks to landing a new role that’s a better fit, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your strengths for years to come. 



If you’re done with being ordinary, join us as we learn, grow and develop our personal mastery. We meet regularly to discuss and apply new knowledge and wisdom, and we’d love for you to join us. 

Read Unleash Your Awesome

I wrote ‘Unleash Your Awesome’ to help you identify your Genius strengths and spend more time living and working from your Zone of Genius. 

Because there’s more to life than hard work!

‘Unleash Your Awesome’ is your tool to find clarity on what you love, what you’re great at, and how you can achieve more without burning out.

In fact, you might even discover that you can build a fulfilling career out of doing what you’re great at and love!

Built for motivated, busy people, this handbook is your practical, easy-to-implement guide to identifying and leveraging your strengths.

‘Unleash Your Awesome’ is based on my popular and fun strengths-discovery tool, The Strengths Deck.

And to help you get the most out of your read, I created a free downloadable workbook – all the details are inside the book.

Unleash Your Awesome is available as a paperback, eBook, and audiobook, on all your favourite platforms. The Strengths Deck cards are available exclusively from The Strengths Deck shop – grab the cards and book for a special deal with the ‘Unleash Your Awesome bundle’.

What clients are saying

When people work in their Zone of Genius they are more engaged, passionate and productive.

If you think I can help but you’ve got questions, book a free 30-minute discovery call to see if my approach is right for you and your team. 

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