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This is what I’m up to at the moment – I’ll be updating this page at random, either when I start something exciting, or I remember that it exists!

Last updated: June 2023


2022 was a huge year on the personal front. I ended a nearly 6-year relationship and moved back into my beautiful wee home in Onehunga, Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland.

Even after 6 months back in my home, one of my cats is still losing her mind over there being another cat next door. I run outside at least once a day, spray bottle in hand, to break up a howling, hissing mob of kitties.

After 18 weeks in a moonboot in 2022, and disrupted rehab due to the unexpected house-shift, I’ve been slowly getting back on my feet with exercise. I did a stint at the local gym, but proved to myself once again that I’m just not a gym person. So I’m building up my walking, running, and dancing time, and am absolutely loving it! My latest challenge is to complete 21 consecutive days with reaching my step goal. After each 21 day streak, I lift my daily goal by another 500 steps, and am well on my way to getting back to 10,000 steps a day.

I’m loving reading, cooking, and hosting gatherings at my house for friends to connect.

I’ve been delighted and touched on every single volunteer shift I’ve done with Kindness Collective Foundation whether in the Christmas Joy Store or at various community projects. And I’m loving my front-of-house shifts at social restaurant Everybody Eats, a fantastic organisation that tackles food waste, food poverty, and social isolation. There are so many benefits to volunteering, from the personal psychological boost, to having a positive impact in the world, to meeting new people and strengthening community ties.



I call myself an “accidental” creator. I never set out to make a product, but it became inevitable once I saw the way that some well-known strengths approaches failed to help people make the most of their entire array of capabilities, not just their strongest strengths.

So, in 2021, I released The Strengths Deck on the market, and I followed that up in early 2023 with my first book, ‘Unleash Your Awesome‘.

I’ve had an amazing response to the book already, and I can’t wait to see where it turns up around the world. If you’ve got your copy, why not take a selfie with it and email it to me?


The Strengths Deck

The Strengths Deck continues to go from ahem, strength to strength in 2022, for both 1:1 clients and organisations.

I run 1:1 and group Strengths Discovery sessions – why not set up a session for yourself, or get a bunch of friends or colleagues together. I promise that you’ll have plenty of  “aha!” moments, and you’ll enjoy the process of clarifying your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in-between. And you’ll walk away armed with strategies to use your strengths to create the life and work you’ve been dreaming of.


After a few years of figuring out my “niche”, I’m now firmly committed to my coaching and leadership development practice. And I’ve got the loveliest, most committed, and top-performing clients that anyone could ever have!

It is my privilege to work 1:1 with a small handful of epic humans who are looking to bring more of their magic to the world. From job changes to career progression to delivering sustainable high performance, they want to show up fully human and fully awesome, and they’re using their personal strengths to make that happen.

I have capacity for two more 1:1 coaching clients in 2023, so book your call if you’d like to talk about how working with a coach can help you get better results with more ease, energy, and fun.

Training & Facilitation

I’m working with several fantastic corporate clients on strengthening their leadership practices and leadership team culture. The workshops are insanely good – we’ve seen everything from laughter to tears, and everyone digs deep to consider their impact, hone their skills, and show up as the best versions of themselves.

I keep a strict lid on the number of 1:1 and corporate clients I work with so that they get the very best of me, every time. I’m all booked up for major corporate clients in 2023 – let’s chat if you want to level-up your leadership team and practice in 2024.


 I am always keen to meet more interesting people.

I’m currently the President of Auckland Executive Club, a wonderful group of women from a range of industries who meet monthly for networking, dinner, and a speaker. Find out about our next event here, and if you’re signing up for a ticket, put my name down as the ‘Guest of’ and ‘Seated next to’, then send me an email to let me know you’ll be coming along. We’ll have a grand old time meeting in real life!

Outside of the formal networking events that Auckland Executive Club puts on, I love meeting people online or in real life to share a cuppa and our stories. I’m constantly energised and inspired by the people I meet, and I’d love to get to know you better. Drop me a line if you’d like to book an Auckland-based catch-up, or book yourself a slot in my calendar for an online meeting.

Why have a 'now' page?

I came across the idea of a ‘now’ page a few years ago, but it’s taken me a while to get my own set up.

Derek Sivers is the inspiration behind the ‘now’ page movement, and he explains the point of it here better than I ever could!

If you have your own website, why not set up your own ‘now’ page?

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