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Explore the products and services I offer – if you’d like to discuss bulk purchase pricing, please send me an email.

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'Unleash Your Awesome'

I wrote ‘Unleash Your Awesome’ to be a strengths-based coaching programme with me in written – or audio – format. Learn how to:

  • identify your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between,
  • put smart strategies in place to neutralise your weaknesses and make the most of your strengths
Image of book cover. At the top is the author's name (Daria Williamson). The main title is surrounded by a box. The title is 'Unleash Your Awesome', with the last word in bright, colourful letters slightly jumbled, and spilling over the edges of the box. The subtitle is 'How to live and work from your Zone of Genius'

The Strengths Deck

I created The Strengths Deck because I felt that the mainstream strengths approaches were missing some key elements:

  • As computer-based assessments, they felt “disconnected” from real life, and like the computer is telling you who you are
  • They focus on the extreme ends of the spectrum, missing out on the gold that is things you’re pretty good at and reasonably happy doing, which can form a stable foundation for you to launch into flow with your Genius strengths
A product photo of The Strengths Deck. The background is orange and pink. On top of it is The Strengths Deck Matrix. Spread out across the matrix is a sample of cards from The Strengths Deck - they have a strengths name and definition on the front, in different colours according to which strengths group they fall into. In the top right corner is a stack of The Strengths Deck cards lying face down, showing the bright pink back of one card.


I offer individual and group coaching, tailored to your requirements. From a one-off brainstorming session to an ongoing development programme, my job is to help you with the tools, reflection, and accountability you need on your journey to becoming your best self.

My approach is strengths-based and draws on appreciative inquiry principles – we talk about what you’re already great at and what’s working well, and together figure out how to make more of that happen in your life and work.

Training & Facilitation

As a skilled and experienced facilitator, I support groups to do their best thinking, achieve clarity and work with purpose. I tailor each programme to your organisation’s specific needs.

Frequently-requested programmes include:

  • Leadership development for emerging and established leaders
  • Executive development programmes for senior leadership teams 
  • Teamwork and communciation
  • Problem-solving and continuous improvement

Personal Mastermind

If you’re done with being ordinary, the Personal Mastermind book club might just be the place for you.

Together, we learn, grow and work towards personal mastery, using books written by experts to help you level up in all areas of your life and work.

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