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Unleash Your Awesome

It’s time for you to unleash your awesome!

You already have everything inside you that you need to achieve your goals, nurture your wellbeing, and create the kind of life and work you’ve been dreaming of.

The things that you are great at, and that light you up, are your special brand of magic. They are your personal strengths.

You have a unique strengths fingerprint – your very own combination of strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. And once you know what that combination is, and what to do with it, you’ll be unstoppable.

The Strengths Deck

I’ve been working with individuals and companies in the area of personal strengths for years now. I developed The Strengths Deck as a fun and practical way to help people get to take ownership of their personal strengths. And the results have been awesome – empowered individuals, engaged teams, and goals being smashed left, right, and centre.

And in 2022, I decided it was time to share what I’ve learned more widely.

The 'Unleash Your Awesome' book

 So, I wrote ‘Unleash Your Awesome’. Because there’s more to life than hard work!

‘Unleash Your Awesome’ is your tool to find clarity on what you love, what you’re great at, and how you can achieve more without burning out. Built for motivated, busy people, this handbook is your practical, easy-to-implement guide to identifying and leveraging your strengths.

Pre-order 'Unleash Your Awesome' now

The official launch date for ‘Unleash Your Awesome’ is February 18, 2023, and pre-orders are open now. Anyone who purchases during the pre-order will get access to exclusive bonus content not available anywhere else, and an invitation to a live and interactive ‘Ask Me Anything’ webinar where I’ll be answering all your questions about personal strengths.

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Find your balance. Focus your efforts.

It all starts with knowing how to use your strengths wisely. The stories you tell yourself about what you do well and what you can’t do have been shaping your life and work ever since you learned to think. Your perception of your strengths and weaknesses means everything – which is where the power lies of taking a strengths-based approach.

This book will help you…

  • Uncover and identify your unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Make smarter decisions about where to invest your time, energy and effort
  • Transform boredom and burnout into brilliance

If you want to find more fulfillment in your work and your routine, then this book is the first step.

‘Unleash Your Awesome’ combines research with practical advice. You will learn how to use simple exercises to identify your strengths, weaknesses and everything in between. You will also hear stories of people who have learned how to leverage their strengths to get results. Most importantly, you will get equipped with the tools to make strategic decisions about your work and life.

What readers are saying about 'Unleash Your Awesome'

  • “Very engaging and accessible… Love the strengths stories with your clients – brings things to life.”
  • “Authentic and readable.”
  • “Engaging, with the right combination of examples, references and real life experiences to illustrate the points.”
  • “Love the conversational tone – it feels friendly and supportive.”

Meet the author: Daria Williamson

As a leader, manager, and coach, I’ve seen countless people light up or flame out in their careers. I knew there had to be a more structured way to find clarity and make smart decisions, which is why I created the Strengths Deck Cards and Matrix.

With extensive experience in leadership, management, customer service and process improvement, I have spent years developing my unique strengths-based approach. This book is the culmination of my knowledge, bringing together research, stories, knowledge and tactics that I have seen work for my clients again and again.

I strongly believe that working hard doesn’t have to feel like hard work – this book can show you how to navigate that balance.

Photo of Daria Williamson, a dark-haired woman, leaning against a white wall in front of a garden, looking over her shoulder and laughing into the camera

Work with me

If you want to go beyond the book, and get tailored 1:1 coaching that helps you make the most of your personal strengths fingerprint, let’s talk.

We’ll work together to discover your strengths, clarify your goals, develop your strategies, and create action plans that will deliver the life and work you’ve been dreaming of.

Book your free 30 minute discovery call today.