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What are your obstacles telling you?

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You’ve heard all of the cliches about how “obstacles are the way”.

Or that they are “the frightening things we see when we take our eyes off the goal”.

Nice platitudes, but not all that helpful, because they keep you focused on the obstacles themselves.

That’s why I love this quotation – it frames the obstacles as a signpost about the kind of path you’re on.

Interesting and worthwhile pathways will have obstacles – and that’s OK. Because the key point is that pathway will take us somewhere interesting and worthwhile.

A text-based image with a circle of blue watercolours in different shades. The super-imposed text reads "If you find a path with no obstacles it probably doesn't lead anywhere". Attributed to Frank A Clark
Image credit: KitchenTableClassroom.com

Are you facing any obstacles today?

If it’s been a while since you encountered any obstacles, you might be on the boring and meaningless path, or you might have stopped walking.

Either way, the choice is yours:

➡️ stick with what you’re doing to get what you’ve always got, or

➡️ make a change and get going on the interesting and worthwhile pathway

If you need me, I’ll be using my strengths to clamber over the latest obstacle that’s sitting between me and the next step of my interesting and worthwhile pathway.

And I’d love to give you a hand to climb over your current obstacle – I’m available for free, no-obligation chats. Book your free 30-min chemistry check call below, and we’ll talk about where you are, where you want to get there, and how I can help.


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