How to have great ideas: Strategy 1 – have lots of ideas

Graphic. Centre circle 'How to have great ideas'. Smaller circle 'Have lots of ideas'

Reading Time: 5 minutes Welcome back to my “How to have great ideas” series. If you’re looking to learn new ways to generate great ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive in to our first strategy: have lots of ideas. I kicked off the series by considering why we struggle to have great ideas. Quantity (lots) precedes … Read more

Why do we struggle to have great ideas?

Woman sitting in front of a wall holding a drawing of a light bulb

Reading Time: 4 minutes As leaders and managers, we’re often expected to have the great ideas, brilliant insights and action plans that will help our people and organisations turn over a new leaf. But in the midst of all the busy-ness of business, it’s easy to get stuck in a “same old, same old” thinking rut. Why we struggle … Read more