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Behind the scenes at the Unleash Your Awesome audiobook recording

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Get a glimpse behind the scenes at the recording of the audiobook version of Unleash Your Awesome.

I absolutely love audiobooks, and listen to 30-40 each year. But until I did this project, I had absolutely no idea what it took to produce one!

Check out the photos and videos to see what happens behind the scenes (and to be impressed by how good my audiobook producer Jordan Greville made me sound with his editing magic!).

Coming soon... the behind the scenes videos

Good things take time! I’m working through a technical snag with getting the behind the scenes onto the website. Stay tuned…

The Strengths Deck and Unleash Your Awesome

The Strengths Deck is a set of cards and matrix to help you get up close and personal with your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. Find out more here, or on strengthsdeck.com

Unleash Your Awesome is the book I wrote to give you the experience of a coaching programme with me, but in written (and now audio!) format. Find out more here.

And if you’d like to get your hands on a copy of the book, a set of the cards, or the excellent value ‘Unleash Your Awesome bundle’, check out The Strengths Deck Shop.

Unleash Your Awesome is also available via Amazon [affiliate link; Kindle and print-on-demand], and from late September 2023, on your favourite audiobook platform, including Audible and Spotify.


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