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Leadership research infosheet

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Thanks for your interest in participating in my leadership research project. This document sets out the purpose and structure of the research, along with your rights, and how I’ll protect data during and after the research.

About the researcher

My name is Daria Williamson, and I am a leadership and personal strengths coach, based in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. You can learn more about me at dariawilliamson.com/about-me

You can contact me by email or phone.

I am undertaking this research independently, and am self-funded. I hold a Master of Management in Human Resources Management from Massey University, and have conducted research, supervised by an ethics committee, for my Masters thesis. I am committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in this research.

Research description and invitation

I would like to invite you to participate in this research project. It will investigate what emerging and seasoned leaders wished they had known when they started on their leadership journey, what would have helped them avoid major mistakes and disasters, and their leadership success stories.

How the findings will be used

The findings of this research project will provide a data-driven foundation for a leadership book I plan to write for publication in 2025. The book will be for both emerging and seasoned leaders. Emerging leaders will know what they need to master to become effective leaders. Seasoned leaders will be reminded of what matters when leaders are starting out, so that they can better develop their internal leadership pipeline. I also plan to create training programmes and workshops to support leadership development for emerging and established leaders.

Research process

The initial phase of research is 1:1, semi-structured interviews with emerging and seasoned leaders, starting with a set of questions that will be common across all interviews, and then following whatever threads seem relevant and interesting. The interviews will last 45-60 minutes, and will be conducted via Zoom or Teams.

All interviews will be recorded and processed through an automated transcription service (Otter.ai). Interview transcripts will be analysed to identify key themes to drive the second phase of the project.

The second phase of research will expand and deepen the key themes. It will include further interviews with emerging and seasoned leaders, and research into current leadership theories and practices.

Participant’s rights

You are under no obligation to accept this invitation to participate in the research project, and there is no penalty for declining to participate, or withdrawing from the research after giving consent.

If you decide to participate, you have the right to:

  • decline to answer any particular question;
  • ask for the recording to be turned off at any time during the interview;
  • withdraw from the study at any time until your interview transcript is included in the data pool for analysis;
  • ask any questions about the study at any time during your participation;
  • provide information to the researcher on the understanding that your name or identifying information will not be published unless you give prior written permission to the researcher; and
  • request access to a summary of the project findings when the second phase of research is concluded (expected to be by Q3 2024)

Data management

All data collected during the research will be held securely, on devices and in accounts that are password protected, and will only be accessed for the purposes of this research.

Project contact

Please contact me at any time with any questions or concerns you have regarding this project, whether before you agree to participate or at any time after giving consent.

daria [at] dariawilliamson.com or O21 994 662

Research criteria

If you live in New Zealand, and hold (or have previously held) a leadership role (i.e. where one or more people reported to you, whether in NZ or elsewhere), you fit the criteria for the research project!

How to join the leadership research

If you meet the criteria and give your consent to participate, you can join the research by booking your appointment and completing the form below – I look forward to speaking with you soon! And if you know anyone else who you think fits the criteria and may wish to participate, please share this page with them.

Note: Once the maximum number of required interviewees is reached, the booking form will be switched off.

Book your interview

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