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Navigating your life path

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Are you focusing on the doors that closed for you in the past or all the possible doors in front of you?

This image is from an excellent New York Times article ‘How Covid Stole Our Time and How We Can Get It Back’ by Tim Urban of Wait But Why.

An image divided into two halves in the middle of the image. The left is labelled "the past" and shows a single green line in the middle of many black lines. The green line is labelled "life paths open to you", the black "life paths closed to you". In the middle of the image is a green dot, on the green line, labelled "your life, today". To the right of this dot are many green lines and no black lines.

It’s a reflection on how we relate to time and the effects of our priorities and decisions. He reminds us that, while external factors may influence us, we still have a great deal of choice about the life we create for ourselves.

Imagine yourself at age 80 – who do you want to be? What kind of life do you want to be leading? Who do you want to be surrounded by? What do you want your legacy to be?

Which of the doors in front of you will take you closer to your ideal 80-year-old self? How can you walk through that door today?

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