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The “potentiate” approach

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Many years ago, I came across the concept of “potentiation”. I immediately recognised it as a powerful metaphor for how I work. In fact, I loved it so much that the first iteration of my business was named “Potentiate Consulting”. Here, I share why I love the concept of potentiation, and how my “potentiate” approach will help you get the results you desire.

What does “potentiate” mean?

Catalysts vs potentiators

In chemistry, there are two different types of agents that affect chemical reactions. They are catalysts and potentiators.


Most people are familiar with the concept of a “catalyst” – something that gets a chemical reaction started. In business, the catalyst can be a person or event. It’s anything that triggers a decision, change or action.

If you’re visiting this website, then you’re most likely a catalyst – someone who wants to make change happen.


A “potentiator”, on the other hand, is something or someone that makes a process, or change, more powerful or potent. And that’s where I come in. I offer tools, skills, and systems to help you increase the depth, pace and effectiveness of your transformation.

How does this relate to the way I work?

As a consultant, it isn’t my job to convince you that you want or need to make a change – that’s the role of a catalyst, and it must come from within you (for personal change) or your business (for organisational change).

However, once you’re ready to make a change, I get alongside you and your team to provide you with structure and tools. These will amplify your efforts and make every action count for sustainable improvements that deliver results for years into the future.

Build your unique culture to deliver your desired results.

I believe that the potentiator approach is a powerful way to partner with you in your success. You bring the desire for change, I bring the tools and experience from many successful change efforts, and together we define your current state, vision and milestones. Then, I develop a customised programme to help you connect what you’re doing today with your vision of the future, and together we execute the plan for your success.

This approach ensures that you own the change and gives you a pathway to develop your unique strengths and culture, based on your context, needs, resources and goals.

And the best part? Your tailored programme, drawing from international best practice, backed by research and proven results, will deliver more value to your business, for far less than you’ll spend on top-tier consulting firms and general-purpose, one-size-fits-all programmes.

Want more information?

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