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I am an experienced coach, trainer, facilitator, and mentor. I love supporting individuals and teams to do their best work.

My services are available face-to-face throughout New Zealand, and online. Find out more about my services below, send me a message via my contact page, or book in your complimentary 30-minute chemistry check today to talk about how we can work together to get you the results you deserve.

Services I offer


I offer individual and group coaching, tailored to your requirements. From a one-off brainstorming session to an ongoing development programme, my job is to help you with the tools, reflection, and accountability you need on your journey to becoming your best self.

My approach is strengths-based and draws on appreciative inquiry principles – we talk about what you’re already great at and what’s working well, and together figure out how to make more of that happen in your life and work.

Find out more about my coaching services on my dedicated Coaching page.


I offer training services and programmes to suit your needs and budget. Frequently-requested training topics include:

  • Leadership development
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving

Check out my Training and Facilitation page for more info.


As a skilled and experienced facilitator, I support groups to do their best thinking, achieve clarity and work with purpose.

Recent successful sessions include:

  • Organisational culture review
  • Improvement opportunity assessment
  • Organisational resilience review
  • Root-cause analysis

Check out my Training and Facilitation page for more info.


As part of my commitment to fostering a new generation of leaders, I am open to requests for mentoring from up-and-coming women leaders, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

If you are keen to see if we are a good fit, get in touch via my contact page, or book a complimentary 30-minute call.

Services quadrant

For this graphical representation of how my services fit together, I am indebted to Héctor Villarreal Lozoya for the original image.

While the quadrant may seem to indicate that each service stands alone, in practice, there is significant crossover.

Coaching moments often occur during a training session, and training moments will show up in a facilitation session etc.

I take a flexible approach based on the needs of the individuals and groups that I work with. I tailor and adjust each session to ensure that participants get the greatest benefit from the time and effort they invest.

4 quadrant model showing facilitation, training, mentoring and coaching set out depending on whether they are group/individual focus or internal/external knowledge
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