A cartoon of a person walking a dog. The person's thought-bubble is full of music, other people, cars, work etc, while the dog's thought bubble shows only the scene they are walking in.

Leadership toolbox: how to build self-awareness

Reading Time: 8 minutes Self-awareness is a key life and leadership skill. At its most basic level, self-awareness is about developing your knowledge and understanding of yourself, and being able to access that knowledge and understanding in real-time to help you better navigate your life. Its benefits include: greater self-confidence heightened sensitivity to thoughts, emotions and feelings improved critical …

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Photograph of a dictionary entry for the word 'policy'

Website and social media accessibility policy

Reading Time: 2 minutes I believe the internet should be an open, fair and transparent place where we can share information, views and opinions in a way that is accessible to all. This policy is a statement of what I do to make my website and social media postings accessible.