How to have great ideas: Strategy 4 – involve others

Graphic. Centre circle 'How to have great ideas'. Smaller circle 'Involve others'

Reading Time: 8 minutes So far in this series, we’ve focused on individual activities for generating great ideas – now we turn our attention to how to involve others in our thinking, as a way of developing more creative, robust and valuable ideas than when working alone. This doesn’t mean we give up on having lots of ideas, reading, … Read more

Leadership Toolbox: how to create psychological safety at work

A two by two matrix shows the benefits when you create psychological safety. The green 'learning' zone is high motivation & accoutability plus high psychological safety.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Have you ever wondered why some teams thrive in difficult times? Their leaders have learned how to create psychological safety. Team members and the manager trust one another, freely share knowledge, admit mistakes and generate creative and innovative ideas at the drop of a hat. Other teams and managers spend their time covering up mistakes, … Read more