Why do we struggle to have great ideas?

Woman sitting in front of a wall holding a drawing of a light bulb

Reading Time: 4 minutes As leaders and managers, we’re often expected to have the great ideas, brilliant insights and action plans that will help our people and organisations turn over a new leaf. But in the midst of all the busy-ness of business, it’s easy to get stuck in a “same old, same old” thinking rut. Why we struggle … Read more

Mindset: how to transform your life

Drawing of brain, with 'Change your mindset' superimposed over it. The left side of the brain has figures and equations and symbols, the right side has splashes of colour.
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Over the course of our lives, we develop and adopt beliefs about ourselves and how the world works. The word “mindset” is the collective name for these beliefs.

Our mindset guides our choices, behaviours, decisions, and how we view the world. If you’ve ever walked away from a conversation thinking “How on earth could they think that?!”, chances are you were talking to someone who is operating from a completely different mindset to you.

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Experiencing coronavirus fatigue? You’re not alone. What can you do about it?

Woman with her head on her desk, looking fatigued
Reading Time: 10 minutes

In these coronavirus-impacted times, fatigue seems to be a near-universal experience. Many people are wondering why they feel so tired when they’ve just had weeks of reduced activities and travel. But coronavirus fatigue is real. And the good news is that you can take charge of your energy and wellbeing! Read on to find out more.

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